Eliaden David Edwards

day 0

quite stressful, and a few firsts for the high risk practice we go to, but everyone survived

wow - i'm 8.0 lbs, 21.75 inches, cesarean due to frank breech (i guess i'm big for mom), i heard there were some major complications with mom post-op after i left .. but at the end of the day everybody's okay and stable .. maybe i'll see her tomorrow .. dad's really bright and has been feeding me some interesting stuff, and i know i've heard that voice before ..

day 1

dad feeds me as he can, mom stabilizes a bit more, i think i saw one of my grandmas .. but finally i heard mom was transferred to my floor so i can see her

i'm a little sleepy, but i do know that voice too .. i think i had some bad dreams, and something about sucking that white stuff - well, back to the nursery zoo - hmm there's a lot of worried babies in here again tonight.

day 2

yeah .. i got to spend almost the whole day with my mom and dad!! .. finally out of that zoo .. one of my grandma's was there too for a while, and this man from massachusetts who talks with a funny accent just came out of the blue (i think my dad really needed to talk to him.)  mom looks good, but still very very tired.

hmm .. that white stuff is pretty interesting .. mom has a little too, but she can't move too well yet, and i need to eat a lot more - so dad's been giving me a bunch and changing me too.  the doctor who saved my mommy came by tonight .. i like him - he had to save another mommy at the same time that day after i was born .. i guess that was a pretty crazy day for everyone here

oops - the nurse is going to take me back to the zoo again tonight .. well at least i'm getting sleepy

day 3

my mommy looks good .. she's been sitting up, walking, and eating now (hmm - she'll have to teach me how to do that myself one day) .. and i like it when she holds me, her right arm is a little smaller now and doesn't look like it hurts so much .. 

grandma's pretty comfortable too - i think i heard her say i'm her 12th baby (wow) - i can just stretch out on her shoulder .. so easy to sleep here like this ..

one of the doctors came by and cut me a little .. he said it wouldn't hurt at all, but i dunno - something felt a little funny in my diaper when he was done .. i tried to pee on him but i think i missed and hit one of the nice nurses (they do make a lot of noise at night) .. then he wrapped me up really tight - you know it was kinda uncomfortable for me like this .. i'm a little more used to stretching out, like i was trying to do before all this crazy business began.

that's okay .. dad found me and loosened me up a bit .. he fed me that white stuff a couple times, and i got to fall asleep in mom and dad's arms .. mmm .. hey - wait a minute, am i back in that zoo again? .. aw man .. okay - who's got problems in here tonight?

day 4

hey .. i'm still here .. well i guess i get to sleep some more on my mommy's shoulder - she looks good, but she's tired too - so we just sleep together

.. i like it when she holds me ..

some people came by to visit too .. i slept through most of it, but they were all very comfortable

.. some were very protective too ..

you know .. it is much more comfortable to be held than to be put in that plastic box with the wheels .. (sigh) ..

oh, excuse me - i just ate some of that white stuff and have to burp again

(sometimes it works a little better when i'm sitting up .. daddy's pretty good at this .. he burps a lot too)

day 5

i heard the nurse say we get to go home if we want .. hrm .. i wonder what that means - i thought this place was my home .. i'll just take a nap in this dark corner here .. hmm - maybe i can finally get this tag off

day 6

wow .. now i can stretch my leg out when i sleep .. it's a little warmer and not so bright in here .. i think i can sleep a little better too without so many other crying babies and busy nurses all night .. daddy says we went through central park last night  .. and some racoons came out to look at me .. i don't know what those are yet, but i think it was some of the most peaceful sleep i've gotten in a long time with long shadows under some tall trees i saw a couple times out of one eye ..

well - this new place - my mommy's here, along with daddy and grandma too!!  so this is what home is now ..


yeah .. i think i like it

day 7

took a ride in a yellow taxi, and saw the nice doctor who visited me in the hospital .. they gave daddy and mommy lots of information and daddy and grandma got some shots so they won't get me sick .. i dunno - i got a little tuckered out and just wanted to sleep at that home place again

week 2

hrm .. eat, sleep, pee/poop .. there must be more to life, but i hope not .. i try to be good and not fuss too much (i don't like stress), but sometimes i get a little hungry, and have to pee when they take the diaper off .. i'm starting to pick my head up and look around a bit, and wow - there's a lot of interesting stuff in this apartment (it's all a little blurry right now) .. but there's these voices i hear that i love, and these people that look like the trees walking around .. and i love to be held most of all

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